LG Optimus G (e973-geeb)

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LG Optimus G (e973-geeb)

Post by ShoreDroid on Sat Nov 08, 2014 8:30 am

Supported ROMs:

**ShoreDroid KitKat

Flashing Instructions:

**Ensure you have your bootloader unlocked - if not download FreeGee from the PlayStore to have your bootloader unlocked
**Flash the most recent version of CWM - either touch or non-touch is fine
**Download ROM for link below and gapps if required and ensure they are on your phone's internal storage
**First install of any rom requires a full wipe (Data, System, Cache, Dalvik)
**Flash along with any other zips required and reboot
**Upgrades to existing ROMs can be dirty flashed but wipe cache and dalvik before reboot

Links and zips needed:

ShoreDroid KitKat will require a seperate gapps zip so ensure you download it

ShoreDroid KitKat


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